School Week Package (Girls 7-12)

$235.88 $200.00

This school week packages bundles the required performance items (except for modesty shorts and shoes) at a 15% discount.

(Please note:  This package does not include the required house tie or modesty shorts – both sold separately.)

Charcoal Pleated Skirt × 2

This pleated charcoal skirt is both comfortable and durable.

White Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt × 4

A classic white oxford shirt with long sleeves and button collar.

Navy Blazer with HLS Crest (Girls/Womens)

This stylish navy blazer is lightweight and machine washable making it both comfortable to wear all day and easy to maintain.

Navy Knee Socks - Pack of 3 × 2

Navy opaque cotton blend knee socks are soft and comfortable.