How do you decide which size to order?

Each item has a size chart with garment measurements provided for every size.

The easiest way is decide which size to order is to:

  1. Measure a similar piece of clothing that you have at home and fits your child well. You can use the picture on the uniform size chart to see exactly where to measure.
  2. Compare your measurements to those on the uniform size chart.
  3. Select the uniform size that is the closest match.

a graphics with a string and a tape measure

TIP:  It is easiest to measure clothing items using a soft, pliable measuring tape (ex. to measure around the chest or waist). However, you can also do this with a piece of string, marker, and straight ruler.

Use the string to measure around your garment and mark the length on the string with the marker. Then, lay the string flat and and use the ruler to measure to your mark.


Product Size Guides

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