Holy Family Academy – LA School Week Package (Girls 3-6)


Looking for the simplest way to shop for uniforms and receive free shipping?

This package includes all of the required items you need for the school week and one item for colder days.

Just select the size you need from the list below and you are finished!




Navy/Red Plaid Pleated Skirt × 2

This navy and red plaid pleated skirt is stylish and durable.

Size Guide

White Short Sleeve Blouse × 2

A classic white blouse with modern peter pan collar and short sleeves trimmed with navy piping.

Size Guide

Navy Knit Shorts × 3

These navy knit shorts are soft and comfortable and are required under the uniform jumper and skirts.

Size Guide

Navy Foldover Socks - Single Pair × 3

A classic, navy Bobby sock without trim.


Navy Tights - Single Pair

Navy microfiber nylon tights are stretchy, opaque, durable and ultra soft.

Size Guide

Navy V-Neck Vest with HFA-LA Crest

A classic navy sweater vest made with a soft, cotton blend fabric and customized with the school crest.

Size Guide

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